We aim to understand experiences and needs of trans sex workers in the UK and beyond.



We aim to work towards actions to support trans sex workers and relevant communities.



We aim to share our findings and actions in a variety of formats with relevant communities.

Our Story

TransActions started out as a conversation between Matt Jones (Open University), Mary Laing (Northumbria University)  and Del Campbell from National Ugly Mugs about gaps in knowledge. National Ugly Mugs felt they needed to better understand the potential needs of trans sex workers so they could do more work ending violence and tackling stigma; and Matt and Mary found that there was very little information or research  exploring the experiences of trans sex workers in the UK, despite there being vast amounts on the broader sex industry.

Open Lab at Newcastle University use and create digital technologies to support and foster social inclusion among communities, and use participatory processes for engagement, consultation and representation in the design and adoption of new digital services. As part of her PhD in digital civics Angelika Strohmayer has been exploring the ways in which digital technologies can be used in the service delivery of sex work support services to further their justice goals. So it was agreed that between us, we could do a small project to try and find some things out which might respond to this knowledge gap and also create something really useful that could be used by trans sex workers, practitioners working with trans sex workers, and maybe even the wider community. This website to chart our progress and work towards this.

Keenly aware that we all bring different and important skills to the table, but also that none of us have trans positionalities, a participatory framework is at the absolute core of what we do.

As the project progresses, we hope that trans sex workers, practitioners and other experts will join us and become part of the project team.



You can find out more about the data collection, analysis, and other aspects of research progress on our blog