We are currently working on putting together a booklet based on the findings from our first round of workshops


We will be presenting our findings and launching our booklet at cliniQ's Trans Health Matters Conference in a presentation-workshop hybrid

Book chapter

We have carried out a literature review of research surrounding trans sex work and have analysed National Ugly Mugs data related to this. This will be published in 'Policing the Sex Industry: Protection, Paternalism, and Politics'.


We hosted workshops...

These resources are based on a series of workshops we hosted in London in May 2017. These exploratory workshop were carried out with trans sex workers, and practitioners who support trans sex workers. We also had several team workshops to analyse the data.

Exploratory Questions

  • What areas should be explored first?
  • What type of resource/information would be really useful for people? Maybe a website? Booklet? Series of podcasts? A radio show?
  • What method should we use to collect the information we need and create the resource?