The Team

Collaborative, Participatory, Interdisciplinary

Sex Workers, Social Sciences and Digital Interaction researchers, and Sex Work Support Services are collaborating on the TransActions project to develop resources that will be useful for trans sex workers, practitioners working with trans sex workers, and wider communities.

Meet the Team

TransActions is a collaborative research project that combines the expertise of sex workers, practitioners and researchers.

Mary Laing and Matt Jones from Northumbria University and Del from National Ugly Mugs initiated the project after discussions on the gaps of knowledge in this area. Later they were joined by Angelika Strohmayer from Open Lab at Newcastle University and Harley Jones from the Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement.

Mary Laing

Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Northumbria University

She has worked on research projects exploring the experiences of both male and female sex workers, operating in on and off street contexts, and is a fan of participatory methods. She is Vice Chair of National Ugly Mugs.

Del Campbell

Policing and Criminal Justice Advocate at National Ugly Mugs

Harley Jones

Sex Worker Rights Activist

Harley is an Activist with SWARM (Sex Worker Advocacy + Resistance Movement). She also works with National Ugly Mugs to help raise awareness and reduce stigma against sex workers.

Angelika Strohmayer

PhD candidate in Digital Civics at Newcastle University

Angelika explores the ways in which researchers, sex work support services, and sex workers can develop digital technologies together to support charity service delivery and sex worker rights advocacy work.

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